Welcome to Mama Buyz!

Your home to getting rid of the old to make room for the new!

Oue inaugural sale is

Sunday April 28th 2024


at Burn Boot Camp

2101 Cambridge Beltway Drive

Charlotte, NC


What is Mama Buyz?

We are a start up consignment sale company.

We are starting with a woman’s sale and have hopes to expand to having men’s, kid’s, and home sales in the future.

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Steps to take

to be a consigner

at Mama Buyz

Step 1

Decide what type of consigner you want to be:

1) Drop & Go-50/50 Split of sales. Mamabuyz team prices and hangs your items.

2) Regular-65/35 Split of sales. You prepare, price, & tag your own items

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Step 2

1- Sign up using the Registration Link

2-Wait on confirmation email from MamaBuyz

3- Sign Consigner Agreement

4-Pay non-refundable Consigner Fee

Step 3

Get your Items together!

Use the following links to help with





Messy Wardrobe Cabinet

sTEP 4

Clothing store for women.

Schedule a Drop-off time

Step 5

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Schedule a Pick-Up Time to Get Unsold/Not Donated Items

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Items should be considered a popular style or classic! Only enter items purchased within the last 5 years or are classic vintage pieces

Items can be pre-loved or New (with or without a tag)

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We are currently operating with no brand exclusions, but a judgement call will be made if the item is of poor quality and will not be put in the sale

Higher Quality , trendy, and classic &Designer name brands will be bring in more money

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We are a Woman’s wear consignment sale. We are accepting clothing, shoes, and bags!

All adult sizes from 00-28+, XXS-XXXXL+, waist sizes 23+

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All clothing must be free of stains, holes, no missing buttons or non-functions zippers. Items cannot smell of smoke or “storage”(meaning it smells like it has been sitting in storage for long periods of time)

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Shoes and Bags must be free of stains, scuffs, scratches

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What to Consign?

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No free/publicity/promotional clothing items.

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Underwear must be New With Tag/ Original Packaging

Bras must be New With Tag

Sports Bras may be lightly used, Full elasticity must be present

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For the Spring Sale please stick to seasonally appropriate items

1.No wool items

2.No winter coats

3.No heavy sweaters

4.No winter hats, scarves, and gloves

Mamabuyz team has the final say on what Items make it to the sales floor

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Time to Sell!

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-THE BETTER THEY LOOK–THE BETTER THEY SELL! Please take the time to freshly launder and press your clothing. Wrinkled clothing is a turnoff to buyers! More often than not, wrinkled poorly prepared items go back to the consignor unsold. Do not bring stained, torn, or out of date/style/season clothes. Those items will not be accepted at inspection.

-Please write GOOD item descriptions! If a TICKET is lost from an item, the only way we can match it to the correct item is with the description you write

-Please include brand, color, and 2-piece, if applicable

-“New” and “Only Worn Once” on descriptions can make your item more appealing to a buyer.

-Clean the bottom of the shoes so they are not dirty. Clean the top of the shoes for dirt and scuffs. Mr Clean Magic Eraser works great! Make sure they are not smelly, run through the wash, if you can, use fabreeze, and sit out in the sun to kill those smells. If you wash your shoes, please make sure they are 100% completely dry before drop off.


1.A Good Rule of Thumb is to price things at 1/3 of the retail price.

2.To check current prices look up items via the brand website. Brands like Old Navy often go as low as 50% off during regular in store sales, so think about what a new item could go for during a sale and price below that.

3.If you are looking to move your items price them to sell.

4.Always ask yourself what would you be willing to pay for this item at a sale like this.

5.Don’t price an item with your emotions. If the piece is one of sentimental value and you are struggling to price it, keep it until you are ready to sell.


1.Tags must be printed on white or pastel card stock (65 lb or higher)

2.Hangers should look like a “?”

3.Tape Tag to Hanger

4.Zip Tie Price tag to Shoes-Write consigner # on blue painters tape and place on both shoes.

Other Important Information & Dates

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Sale will take place on April 28th 2024 at Burn Boot Camp Steele Creek

Deadline Sticker

Deadline for self entering of items is April 19th 2024

We are a small family run business and learning as we go, so please keep an eye out for email correspondence. We will be sending out tips & tricks and videos to help you along!

Any questions you have please feel free to email us!

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